LAND OF THE LOST TV Series: Your Questions Answered

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With the Land of the Lost TV series recently airing on the Sci Fi Channel (to take advantage of the film’s release, no doubt), we’re getting slammed with inquiries about the classic 1970s Sid and Marty Krofft original. So here we go…

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:: When will Land of the Lost next air on Sci Fi?
Thursday, June 4. In fact, on June 4 and 5, the show will air every half-hour, from 8am to 6pm.

You can also watch Land of the Lost episodes on Hulu.

:: How many original episodes are there? 
There are 43 Land of the Lost episodes, which originally aired from 1974 to 1976.  Seventeen episodes aired in the first season; the second and third seasons had 13 episodes each.

:: What about that last episode? What happens? What’s it called?
The final episode, #43, is entitled Medicine Man, and it first aired December 4, 1976. (You’re damned right I watched it. I was 8 years old.) If I remember correctly (and I’m probably wrong), this episode had the Marshalls finding a way to slip through time and escape, but at the expense of others. Or am I remembering an earlier episode?

I’ve been on my own search for you, dear Lobby readers. I started here, with a post from MITL reader Giuseppe from last October:

The Show Really never ended. Shown in Season one in the Last Episode the “Circle” They really escaped but their double took their place and in Season two you see the doubles Plight, but then you run into the other doubles that was stuck and they had to set free. And the message that holly got in the Pylon to not get out HERE was a message from her father in the distant future who left the family in “aftershock” because he really never went home but fell in the area he left the sign to warn her daughter in the past to stay in where she will meet Uncle jack.

What?! Further proof that H.R. Pufnstuf wasn’t the only drug trip in the Krofft Brothers’ arsenal.

Then I headed over to our friend Clayton, head of a killer Land of the Lost fansite. He’s breaking down every episode as he watches them on DVD… but he doesn’t have notes for that final one yet.

Here are his episode summaries so far. And check out his insane Marshall family timeline. Gives the Lost logic a run for its money…

Then I found this from a Wikipedia entry… can we just leave it here? Too relentlessly confusing.

Although they came close to returning to their own time in several episodes, at the time the series was canceled they had never successfully returned home. The first-season episode “Circle” features a clever twist to this plot device – here a paradox in the time doorway is discovered; the Marshalls in fact did not fall through a portal but were in fact “killed” on the waterfall, but they are alive and thus the paradox cannot be explained; the only resolution is to open the time doorway and for the Marshalls to thus “return” home but at the same time return to the land all over again.

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  1. MetalBandit, 8 years ago Reply

    What I wonder is why I can’t find any intel about the Land of the Lost, remake episodes from the mid 90’s? Anyone know where I could view full episodes online can you email me a link @ thanks

    • Dee, 2 years ago Reply

      Youtube has episodes from the 90’s sow

  2. Norm Schrager, 8 years ago Reply


    I think Clayton (see the post) is planning to review some of the 1990s episodes. Don’t know much else about that remake though.

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