Love Seeing A Summer Movie Outdoors? This Goes One Better…

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… uh, maybe… Depends on your taste for famous film actors playing music.

Summer Movies Pair with Concerts — Bruce Willis

As a promotion with Netflix, movie stars with long-standing rock-n-roll dreams will perform live — as the opening acts for their own films. And each event takes place in cities where the films took place.

The Netflix LIVE! On Location Summer Series:

The Big Easy (1987), screening at New Orleans’ Spanish Plaza with Dennis Quaid & The Sharks — June 21 (great timing as Ellen Barkin gets back in the fray with Ocean’s 13)

Diner (1982), screening at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with The Bacon Brothers (starring Kevin) — July 15 (an all-time favorite film of mine)

Armageddon (1998), screening at Kennedy Space Center’s Rocket Garden with The Bruce Willis Blues Band — August 2 (this movie’s still a great crowd-pleaser)

Next up: Russell Crowe’s 30 Odd Foot of Grunts tears it up with a Gladiator screening at the Coliseum. Yes, of course we’re kidding.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Which of these three events would you attend? COMMENT

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