MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IV To Big Screen in 2011

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Quickie news: One of the more overdone franchises in recent film history is on its way back. Earlier today, Paramount announced that J.J. Abrams and Tom Cruise have agreed to co-produce Mission: Impossible IV, with a focus on a 2011 release.

This sets up Paramount for a money-lovin’ action-packed 2011,  adding M:I IV to Star Trek 2 (also an Abrams project, of course) and Transformers 3. (I’m having a tough time thinking of three louder movies.)

In my opinion, Abrams saved the Mission: Impossible series with the third film. For all the hubbub about the static between Cruise and director John Woo for M:I II, the sequel was fair, slightly better than than the spy gibberish of Brian DePalma’s original.

More details as they get out there.

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  1. Keith Dennis, 8 years ago Reply

    I also thought MI3 was the best, but it still felt “small” to me. I figured it was because of Abram’s TV roots. I worried about the same effect in Star Trek, but he overcame that. Also, Tom Cruise is now unforgivably crazy. Back when MI3 came out, he was merely forgivably crazy.

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