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As we passed along earlier today, David Chase (below), the brilliant creator of The Sopranos, is set to develop a new miniseries for HBO entitled A Ribbon of Dreams. Based on Chase’s track record and HBO’s miniseries history, plan on a killer cast and awards galore. Here are the current details.

Sopranos Creator David Chase

In short, A Ribbon of Dreams is about the creation of Hollywood. (Oh, is that all?) The story begins in 1913: The movie industry is about a decade old, and two very different men team up as film producers. One is a well-educated mechanical engineer; the other is a cowboy with a shady past. (Sounds like the old Simpson-Bruckheimer partnership…) Their future is that of Hollywood itself, as they become major players in one of the sexiest American industries ever created.

D.W. Griffith circa 1913:: THE REEL WORLD
According to the press release, A Ribbon of Dreams will work its main characters into the lives of real-world moviemakers from bygone eras: First, the fellas start off as employees of D.W. Griffith (left), who was responsible for some 35+ films in 1913 (many shorts) before becoming a legend with Birth of A Nation.

Then, they cross paths with John Ford, John Wayne, Bette Davis, Billy Wilder and more. And the series promises to reflect the industry from its infancy, through the birth of talkies, to the studio era, the auteur movement… right up to today.

It comes from the Orson Welles quote, “The cinema has no boundaries. It is a ribbon of dreams.” (And you thought I was gonna say: “We will sell no wine before it’s time.”)

Unknown at this time. We’ll keep you updated.

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