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Movie Poster Teaser for Forgetting Sarah MarshallMovie Poster Monday is back. And not with just one poster… but two! First, a riotous teaser for the Judd Apatow-produced “romantic disaster” Forgetting Sarah Marshall, coming April 18.

Brilliant. Any guy that’s ever been jilted (um, all of us) can relate to tagging up against the woman who used and abused you — and who you miss terribly, of course. I hate you. Come back!

Then we’ve got the follow-up.

Movie Poster for Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Jason SegelThe more “official” poster featuring star (and the film’s screenwriter) Jason Segel as the guy whose life is getting ripped apart by the celebrity woman (Kristen Bell) he once dated. 

As you can see, the Judd Apatow “camp” is still riding high on his previous successes, mentioning The 40-Year-Old Virgin for about the 700th time in a promo. But hey, it’s a great movie, and whatever works… By the way, this one’s directed by first-timer Nicholas Stoller, screenwriter on the Jim Carrey Fun with Dick and Jane remake.

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