Movie Poster Monday: Future GEARS OF WAR?

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With our recent posts about fake movie posters for the worlds of Tropic Thunder and Entourage (including fun fan submissions), we had to share an exceptional entry. From my friend and colleague Chady Lakkis, founder of videogame site Ripten, here’s a what-if for the film adaptation of Gears of War, scheduled for 2010. (With proposed casting!) I may not be a Gears of War fan, and skeptical about videogame movies, but this is so good, I have trouble referring to it as “fake.” I hope the studio’s watching… (click for the biggie)

Gears of War Fake Movie Poster

From left to right… First, Val Kilmer, looking very Red Planet and obviously shedding his gay tendencies from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Or not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that). Next is Lester Speight. Don’t recognize the name? What if I said “Mighty Rasta”? Nothing, huh… How about “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker”?! Now you know him! (By, the way, he’s done voice work on the Gears of War games.)

Next is Dave Batista from the WWE. I don’t know wrestling, but the guy looks frightening. Last, on the far right, wrestler-turned-Disney movie quarterback, Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson.

:: Final Note: Last year, a Gears of War fan offered a series of casting options for each character using face recognition software. Now that’s dedication.

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