Movie Poster Monday: Israeli BEDTIME STORIES

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It’s always interesting to see how a particular film is marketed in different regions of the world, and it’s rare to catch a movie poster from the Middle East. So we can really appreciate this: The Israeli poster for Disney’s Bedtime Stories (see Allison’s preview.) Cool to see how Disney markets a family fantasy movie starring Adam Sandler (a nice American Jewish boy!) (click on it for the biggie)

Bedtime Stories Israel Movie Poster

I have no idea what the headline says — translation anyone, please? — but on the surface, this poster would never fly in North America. For a big-budget fantasy, the marketers can’t be happy with a single shot like this. They’ve gotta have big epic scope, preferably with hints of multiple scenes displaying adventure, heroism, romance. In short, a single poster kow-towing to every possible demographic.

Okay, so here’s the US poster. Am I right or am I right? (Truth be told, this design is also being used throughout Europe.)

Bedtime Stories Movie Poster — US

courtesy IMPAwards

What do you think?

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  1. Jacob Godwin, 9 years ago Reply

    LOL! Yeah, the differences are a little more than subtle.

    It’s interesting how Walt Disney uses different themes for different markets. But then again, that’s how most international corporations think.

    I remember in school, my business teacher told us that McDonalds in India sells veggie burgers instead of beef burgers. The reason is quite obvious since most of India in Hindu and they consider cows sacred.

    Another story I remember was about how Chevy tried selling Nova in Latin America. However, they seemed to forget that NO-VA in Spanish means “no go”.

    Nobody wants a “no-go” car.

  2. Tworm, 9 years ago Reply

    Great decomposition of the posters, Norm. It is interesting to see how they try to get as many themes in the one poster. I’d say that the great posters can transmit all of the themes with just one image.

    Maybe Adam Sandler’s star power overshadows all else for the Israeli audience.

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