MOVIE POSTER MONDAY: No Country for Old Men

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History has proven that the Coen Brothers know how to do menacing. Blood Simple. Miller’s Crossing. Fargo. This poster follows right in line with that legacy.

No Country for Old Men Movie PosterIt’s actually one in a series, and the other two have similar shots of guys brandishing weapons. One says “There Are No Laws Left.” The second says “You Can’t Stop What’s Coming.”

Intimidated yet?

How about this? You’ve got dead bodies, cash, drugs and some serious southwestern violence. You’ve got Tommy Lee Jones, Grindhouse badass Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. And you’ve got some big-time acclaim: No Country for Old Men received a Golden Palm nomination at Cannes, and has a
9.1 on IMDb, with over 500 votes recorded.


The movie hits theaters November 21, ripe for Oscar pickin’.

(poster courtesy: Thompson on Hollywood)

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  1. Debbie, 10 years ago Reply

    I saw this movie yesterday
    I think this is one of the BEST movies I have ever
    seen! I was a little confused at the end ,however I just did some looking around and I now get it. Even though the good guy looses,I think it was AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. Norm S., 10 years ago Reply

    - Debbie –

    I agree! Certainly the best film of 2007, in my mind. If you’d like to get into a comprehensive conversation about the movie, check out our “Debate” post for No Country for Old Men. Just look above: It’s the first link under “Other Posts of Interest”.

    Thanks for joining us.

    -Norm S. (Meet In the Lobby)

  3. Biz, 8 years ago Reply

    This movie is the best that I watched recently. The plot is very original and intriguing. I was surprised by the fact that Tommy Lee Jones did nothing during whole movie, he was just appearing here and there, but he didn’t affected development of story at all.

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