MOVIE POSTER MONDAY: Richard Kelly’s “Southland Tales”

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At the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, writer-director Richard Kelly premiered his long-awaited Southland Tales, the follow-up to his wacky stupendous 2001 mindscrew classic, Donnie Darko. Now, after a handful of release delays, Southland Tales finally hits US theaters on November 14th.

This recent Southland Tales movie poster is a visual circus. A modern ensemble piece (think Altman, P.T. Anderson), the film features three main stories, with the trio of lead actors up top on the poster.

Southland Tales Movie Poster

What strange casting: Dwayne Johnson (um, yeah, The Rock) is an action star with a case of amnesia, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a porn actress getting into legitimate reality TV (heh, no such thing) and Seann William Scott is a cop who knows too much… and his twin brother.

QUESTION: What’s your take on the poster — and the movie?

The movie takes place during Fourth of July weekend 2008, and the end of the world is near. In his press notes, Kelly mentions the symbolism in the Book of Revelations and describes the film as “a futuristic satire of Los Angeles”… once you get into this guy’s nimble, complex mind the poster makes much more sense. It’s all over the place.

The Southland Tales cast also includes Justin Timberlake and Mandy Moore, as well as a bizarre collection of players from John Larroquette to Curtis Armstrong (Booger!) to Christopher Lambert (Highlander!!).

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  1. und3rdog, 10 years ago Reply

    Have a nice Apocalypse?
    I will say this, it does smell of originality, so hopefully it will be interesting. Will it turn into LA Stories meets 24? I guess we’ll see.

    One other point of concern. I really don’t know about Gellar and The Rock, castingwise. I wouldn’t consider them respected actors at this point. At least they didn’t cast Lindsay Lohan.

  2. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    - und3rdog –
    Yeah, like I said, strange casting. The early reviews for Southland Tales were negative, but Kelly has cut some footage and added some effects shots. I guess we’ll see if the whole thing works.

    -Norm S.

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