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Edward Norton is a pretty cool customer to watch work on the big screen. But two Edward Nortons? Sign me up. Norton is one of those few actors who can instantly elevate a mediocre movie, and he’s got the one thing an actor kills for: presence. You either have it or you don’t. For the upcoming Leaves of Grass, Norton needed plenty of it since he plays twin brothers.

Bill is an Ivy League professor; Brady is a potgrower with a scheme. Here’s a pair of posters (the newest is first) for the movie, which premiered back in September 2009 as a Toronto Film Festival special presentation. Right now, it’s unclear when we might see the film. More on that below.

Leaves of Grass Movie Poster I

Leaves of Grass Movie Poster II

Doesn’t the first poster remind you of something Charlie Kaufman might write? Anyway, the man behind Leaves of Grass is Tim Blake Nelson, best known as an actor (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Good Girl), but also established as a director (the Holocaust movie The Grey Zone, the Shakespeare twist O).

Leaves of Grass doesn’t have a distributor yet in the US. Crap. If one doesn’t pop up, we may see a DVD release sometime in April.

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