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Dig deeper into the circuitous hyper-mental universe of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, and what do you get? This just-released, alternate movie poster, hitting the world just in time for us writers to consider our best-of-2010 lists, and for fans to start talking again as the DVD and Blu-ray collections hit December 7.

The design is superb. Overdone, intriguing, confusing — just like the film itself. As one astute commenter pointed out on a Christopher Nolan fan site, the tagline in this poster is not as good as the one that actually ran (at least here in the US): Your mind is the scene of the crime. That line had me hooked when I first caught it at my local IMAX. This one is a little too consumer-ish.

Inception Movie Poster -- Alternate

Wait, wait, we’ve got more. There are a handful of Inception fan originals out there, but I absolutely love this one, an original piece from deviantART contributor allete. The typography is fantastic, and the style reminds me of a lot of the type-driven animation that’s out there (and that we’ve written about).

Inception Poster from Deviant Art artist allete

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