New Movie Poster: 11 Faces of FORREST GUMP

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This just in from our favorite UK fan-created movie poster designer, Dave Williams: Seems the prolific Dave (see his Saul Bass-inspired Back to the Future poster) was on a creative high after seeing American pop classic Forrest Gump once again, and came up with this Americana-looking piece. As Dave tells us “The idea was based around the numerous jobs that Forrest takes on during his story… ” Check it out, click on it for the biggie.

Forrest Gump Original Fan-Created Movie Poster

Do you guys remember the original 1994 Forrest Gump movie poster? Gentle design, spare layout. Pleasant, like the film. But that tagline is hysterically outdated. I think they simply could have stopped at “The world will never be the same.” And now, nearly 17 years later, they probably would.

1994 Forrest Gump Movie Poster

1994 poster courtesy IMP Awards

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