New Movie Poster, Preview: Steven Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE

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In the 23 years since Steven Soderbergh unofficially launched the modern era of independent film — unwittingly, I might add — his career has a director can best be described with two words: Prolific and diverse. He’s won a Best Director Oscar (was nominated twice in the same year), and has helmed big-budget, superstar-studded sequels (the Oceans), less-than-accessible arty films (see: The Good German), and cinematic exercises with paltry budgets (Bubble, The Girlfriend Experience). He’ll often shoot his own stuff (handheld, often), and actually has 14 cinematographer credits for his own films. All this, and he’s averaged one feature per year since his Sex, Lies and Videotape premiered in 1989. You can barely guess which genre he’ll take on next, but here it is: The action-thriller Haywire, coming to U.K. theaters January 18, 2010, and U.S. theaters January 20. The good folks at Relativity Media have sent over the following final movie poster, as well as a few photos.

Movie Poster for Steven Soderbergh's Haywire

The young lady at the center of both the poster and the film is Gina Carano, an MMA fighter-turned-actor, now officially going legit in a Soderbergh film a la Sasha Grey. (Side note: Add Soderbergh to the list of directors intrigued with mixed-martial arts, including David Mamet and Gavin O’Connor.) Carano plays a killer government operative caught up in danger, double-crosses and perilous truth-seeking. Feels genre-heavy. For Carano’s second film, she gets to share the screen with a serious group of heavy hitters. As in…

Gina Carano and Channing Tatum in Steven Soderbergh's Haywire

Carano speaking sternly to Channing Tatum

Gina Carano and Ewan McGregor in Steven Soderbergh's Haywire

Carano rubbing elbows with Ewan McGregor

Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender in Steven Soderbergh's Haywire

Carano hanging in the shadows with Michael Fassbender

Gina Carano and Michael Douglas in Steven Soderbergh's Haywire

Carano potentially going to rip Michael Douglas's finger off

Gina Carano and Steven Soderbergh on the set of Haywire

Carano setting up the shot with Steven Soderbergh

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