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UPDATE (05.06.08) See the new Babysitters red band trailer 

ORIGINAL POST: John Leguizamo is up to no good with a bunch of teenage girls, in The Babysitters, a tense, cautionary tale from director David Ross. Katherine Waterston makes like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, but the subject matter here doesn’t sound so funny.

Here’s the impossible-to-ignore poster, just sent over from Peace Arch Entertainment. Very savvy, multiple-reference tagline: “These girls mean business”.

Babysitters Movie Poster

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  1. lulu, 9 years ago Reply

    ok wats the film about lol e-mail me and tell me lol i don’t get it baby stiiters

  2. Norm Schrager, 9 years ago Reply


    Here’s the long and short of it (no joke intended)… babysitters realize they can make money offering sexual favors to their clients.

  3. Fred, 7 years ago Reply

    watched the movie, some hot girls in there.

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