New Movie Poster: The Battles Still Await in THE HUNGER GAMES

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We have to hand it to Lionsgate. After months of well-timed The Hunger Games casting announcements, a scintillating series of character posters for the movie, a better-than-expected look at the film via its first trailer, and some sort of online puzzle hunt (complete with #hungergames100 hashtag), the studio has now released the first major movie poster for its massive 2012 release — timing it with roughly 100 days to go before the March 23 premiere. (click on it for the biggie)

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

This may be the first creative letdown of this long promotional period. The repetitive images of lead characters Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) look hokey and decidedly non-futuristic, and the poster doesn’t convey any of the anxiety or danger most fans are expecting. (Okay, including this fan.)

On the bright side, the poster’s prescient tagline “The Whole World Will Be Watching” is pretty humorous. As is the foreshadowing of seeing Lawrence and Hutcherson’s faces everywhere you look, soon to be rivaled only by those exsanguinated vampire kids from Twilight. Put it this way: We love The Hunger Games, but won’t be downloading our mockingjay ringtone anytime soon. I don’t know, should we have one of those running countdown widgets here at Meet In the Lobby?

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