New Movie Poster, Trailer: Roman Epic THE EAGLE

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At first look, it appeared Focus Features thought we were hungering for another sword-and-sandal story. Let’s just say we weren’t counting the days until the next Gladiator, 300 or (heaven forbid), Troy. But this one looks different. The Eagle seems to have more depth, a journey — literal and mental — shared by a commander’s son (Channing Tatum, the ladies dig him) and his slave (Jamie Bell) as they search for the treasured emblem that vanished with Rome’s Ninth Legion 20 years earlier. That would be about 120 AD to me and you.

Here’s the new movie poster for The Eagle, putting the two leads right up front.

The Eagle Movie Poster

It’s worth noting the serious talent behind the camera on this one: Veteran documentary director Kevin Macdonald and screenwriter Jeremy Brock teamed up on the tense, smart The Last King of Scotland, and have done so again with The Eagle. Macdonald’s last narrative feature was the 2009 drama State of Play.

If the film’s trailer is accurate to the tone of the movie, this may just be a unique entry in the category. The Eagle lands in theaters (yeah, just deal) February 11, 2011.

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