New Movie Preview, Trailer: Alex Karpovsky’s RUBBERNECK

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If you’re thinking you don’t know who Alex Karpovsky is, you’re wrong. If you dig American independent film, you’ve seen him. Don’t argue with me, yes, you have. And now the actor-writer-director-producer has a new low-budget psychological thriller, Rubberneck, and it premiered Friday night at the Tribeca Film Festival. More on Rubberneck in second, here’s where you’ve seen Alex Karpovsky…

Alex Karpovsky -- Courtesy Getty ImagesDid you see the premiere episode of Girls on HBO? He’s the dour guy cooking opium on the apartment stove.

How about Andrew Bujalski’s award-winning Beeswax? He’s the nice-guy boyfriend of the girl in the wheelchair.

If you see Mike Birbiglia’s new comedy, Sleepwalk with Me, he’s the pissed-off comic with the old-lady agent.

And Karpovsky has starred or appeared in some of the more notable indies of the past few years, including Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture and Lovers of Hate. His dry, natural delivery is quietly confident and appealing, working equally well with characters sweet and not-so-sweet.

Rubberneck is Karpovsky’s fourth feature film as a director, and his first thriller, co-written by Garth Donovan, writer-director of local favorite, Philip the Fossil. Karpovsky stars as a scientist who has a weekend thing with a woman, misunderstands their brief connection, and then has an awfully hard time getting her out of his mind. Cue potentially ominous music and press play below. And you Boston folks can check out Rubberneck at the 2012 Independent Film Festival of Boston, screening at the Coolidge Corner Theater, Tuesday, May 1.

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