New Movie Preview, Trailer: Big Break Winner COST OF A SOUL

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If you happen to be a filmmaker looking for distribution, you had one extra chance to make it happen last summer. That’s when The Big Break Movie Contest offered to give one lucky DIY director entry into a few dozen movie theaters for their feature-length film. Now, the contest is coming through, distributing the film Cost of a Soul into 50 AMC theaters under the AMC Independent label, starting May 20.

Scene from Cost of A Soul

Cost of a Soul is the work of writer-director Sean Kirkpatrick, a Penn State grad who headed to LA with filmmaking dreams in 2007, returning to PA in 2009 to shoot Cost of a Soul in Philadelphia in 2009. The story follows two veterans who return home from the war, ending up in the ghetto they had initially joined the armed forces to escape.

Here’s the trailer for Cost of a Soul

I Am Rogue has a full list of the 50 locations, organized by state. (None in Massachusetts, boo.) Just click the big “May 20″ button on the film’s homepage.

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