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Battleship Potemkin DVD CoverBattleship Potemkin has been a film school mainstay for decades, and with good reason. Eighty-two years after its initial release, in films like The Untouchables and The Godfather, the influence of this silent Russian classic is unmistakable.

Remember Brian De Palma’s slo-mo shootout with the baby carriage in The Untouchables? That’s an homage to the “Odessa Steps” sequence in Battleship Potemkin. How about Moe Green getting shot in the eye in The Godfather? Also an unforgettable Odessa Steps reference.

Watch the Odessa Steps scene — with baby carriage — from Battleship Potemkin.

Kino International has now released Sergei Eisenstein’s timeless silent movie in an Ultimate Edition DVD box set, with a restored version of the film.

Battleship Potemkin chronicles the 1905 mutiny aboard a Russian ship, a pivotal action that helped unify citizens and lead to the Russian Revolution. While creating this raging propaganda, Eisenstein did, oh, just one little thing: He created the modern idea of editing. The concept that two juxtaposed shots could yield an emotion or separate idea. Battleship Potemkin was the Citizen Kane of cinema before there was a Citizen Kane.

2-Disc DVD Details
:: Dozens of missing shots replaced
:: All 146 silent movie title cards restored to Eisenstein’s specifications
:: Documentary short “Tracing Battleship Potemkin” 
:: 5.1 surround sound score by the Deutches Filmorchestra

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