New Teaser Movie Poster: Steven Soderbergh’s SIDE EFFECTS

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Whether he’s doing big-budget commercial films (Ocean’s 11, Contagion), micro-budget projects (Bubble), or curious head-scratchers (The Girlfriend Experience, Magic Mike), Steven Soderbergh keeps us interested and involved–even when his films come up short. In our opinion, a sub-par Soderbergh is better than most others’ efforts. And this, the teaser movie poster for his latest thriller, Side Effects, definitely has us interested. Especially if the film reflects the style of the movie poster. (Click on it for a large version.)

Side Effects Teaser Movie Poster

The Plot: A New York City couple (Rooney Mara and Soderbergh favorite Channing Tatum) encounters trouble when a new anti-anxiety drug, prescribed by a shrink played by Jude Law, has some “unexpected side effects.”

The Screenwriter: Scott Z. Burns, who’s collaborated with Soderbergh on Contagion and The Informant!, and broke in with the standout HBO film Pu-239.

The Release Date: February 8, 2013 in the US, March 15 in the UK.

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  1. Jordan, 5 years ago Reply

    Side Effects is a thriller which revolves around the life of the leading pair Emily and Martin played by Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum, who essay the role of a highly successful couple from New York. Unfortunately Emily has to undergo treatment to cure his anxiety. For this he takes the help of a psychiatrist played by Jude Law. However the drug prescribed had such side effects which shook the world and eventually ended up in a complete mess.
    The movie is full of suspense and exudes mystery at all walks.

  2. Adam, 5 years ago Reply

    When this movie will be released, do you know?

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