Northern Darkness: Movie Poster, Trailer for Alaskan Thriller ON THE ICE

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If you watch the Ricky Gervais-Stephen Merchant series An Idiot Abroad, you know the dynamic British duo sent round-headed buffoon Karl Pilkington to Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in the United States. Karl was cold, pissed off, and running around collecting frozen poop from the nice locals. That was funny. This isn’t. It’s the suspense thriller On the Ice from first-time writer-director Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, shot completely on location in Barrow, about a pair of local buddies keeping a pretty dark secret in this small, claustrophobic town. After playing on just a few US screens, On the Ice is coming to the second-window world of VOD and download, but more on the details later.

First, here’s the chilly, chilling movie poster for On the Ice.
(Click on it for the biggie.)

On the Ice One-Sheet Movie Poster

And here’s the film’s trailer…

Now, for checking out On the Ice: The film’s official website offers a series of options, from the pre-order on a Deluxe Package that includes the soundtrack and poster, to a single-view laptop rental. Of course, you can also catch On the Ice on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon and the like, all starting on April 24.

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