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Here at MITL, we’re still receiving inquiries about two recent HBO series, the daily shrink show In Treatment and the sex-filled psychoses circus Tell Me You Love Me. Where are they, when will they be back? Here’s the deal:

:: Tell Me You Love Me
We’re sorry to say, after months of fielding search terms like “sonya walger handjob,” we have nothing left to say about Tell Me You Love Me. The show was canceled In late July, after HBO had initially announced a renewal for Season 2.

Ally Walker in Tell Me You Love MeCynthia Mort, the creator of Tell Me You Love Me, claims the decision was mutual, as she couldn’t determine where to take the show creatively. No sweat off Mort’s back since she still has a development deal at HBO. A problem for me, however, since Ally Walker (left) is my TV crush and will no longer be on the air. Great. I’ll have to wait for the movie Wonderful World, starring Matthew Broderick.

:: In Treatment
The show’s been renewed for Season 2, and production has moved from Los Angeles to New York (home of attractive new tax credits). Shooting is supposed to take place this fall, with Season 2 airings beginning some time in 2009. We’ll post more information as it comes in from HBO’s PR.

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  1. Allison, 9 years ago Reply

    Or you can buy the DVD and watch old “Profiler” episodes!

  2. sarah, 9 years ago Reply

    BOOOO, I really liked this show a lot. It was original, interesting, and inspiring. How could the creator not think of where to take the show. I could have come up with numerous angles to take things and I am not in the least bit creative.

  3. Norm Schrager, 9 years ago Reply

    - sarah –

    I didn’t like Tell Me You Love Me at first. I thought the sex was silly and gratuitous in the first couple of episodes, but then the series really came around as it went along.

    Who knows if the explanation about “not knowing where to take the show” is even the truth?

    Thanks for the comment.

    Norm Schrager (Meet In the Lobby)

  4. Blink, 9 years ago Reply

    What a weak excuse.There were so many places to take the show.Personally I thought it was one of the more interesting shows on HBO especially the way the camera was used. I will miss it.

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