Movie Poster Monday: Original Fake ENTOURAGE Poster

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What’s the hottest property in Hollywood right now? If you live in the fantasy world of HBO’s Entourage, it’s Smoke Jumpers, the new firefighter drama just waiting to get made. The screenplay, written by two dimwitted hicks (played just right by Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi) is the focus of a bidding war, with Edward Norton and Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) attached.

Well the MITL community has already spoken on this one. Mike F. from Chicago sent this about 2:15 am ET, an original Smoke Jumpers poster from his own fan-frenzied mind.

Edward Norton and Vincent Chase in Smoke Jumpers Movie Poster

Frankly, I think Norton’s agent would insist on the poster saying “Edward” not “Ed,” but that’s neither here nor there. Great job Mike, and thanks!

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