Preview: Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan Bio “I’m Not There”

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QUESTION: Who do you picture playing Bob Dylan on film? TELL US

Cate Blanchett playing Bob Dylan? Sure. And Christian Bale and Heath Ledger and Richard Gere. The film is I’m Not There, Todd Haynes’ (Far From Heaven, Safe) first theatrical movie in five years, a Bob Dylan bio with various actors playing the songwriter-poet at different stages. This week, The Film Forum in NYC announced their November 21 premiere of the movie. Also joining in as Dylan are Perfume star Ben Whishaw and a barely teenage black actor named Marcus Carl Franklin (Lackawanna Blues).

Here’s a scene we caught on YouTube, with Ms. Blanchett as Dylan, running into another poet, Allen Ginsburg… (Yeah, that’s David Cross as Ginsburg)

The idea of many actors playing one character reminds me of Palindromes, Todd Solondz’s very loose sequel to Welcome to the Dollhouse, where a slew of players of all colors, ages and sizes played the same teenage girl from scene to scene. But, hey, Dylan ain’t an anonymous teenage girl…

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  1. anne, 8 years ago Reply

    I wonder if the movie did so poorly at the box office because it requires a foundation of appreciation for Dylan. I found some interesting comments about it at pandalous. They’re here:

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