Radio Talk: TROPIC THUNDER Controversy

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I was invited once again to join The Zakk Tyler Show on Dave FM in Atlanta, this time to discuss the Tropic Thunder protests. My quick take’s below… or you can listen to my appearance on Dave FM here.

Tropic Thunder Illustration from The New Yorker

Sometimes, comedy is supposed to be controversial. It shines a light or points a finger at some asinine thought or injustice, so you can laugh and see how stupid it really is.
Aside from that fact, people complaining about the film’s use of “retard” don’t seem to grab the way in which it’s used. But I’ll leave that to your opinion after seeing the movie.

One gentleman from Special Olympics said one of his concerns about “retard” is that many mentally disabled kids are heading back to school, and will now suffer more ridicule because of the word’s presence in the movie.

Guess what? If some kid is cruel enough to make fun of a disabled classmate, he knew the word “retard” long before your concerns. Beginning tomorrow, I don’t want anyone calling a pigheaded person who cuts you off in traffic a “douchebag.” We don’t need the feminine hygeine industry suffering any more than it has to.

Let’s not forget Tropic Thunder is rated R, so that should take care of any evil 5th graders seeing it. (At least I hope it does.)

The Cast of Tropic Thunder
The Tropic Thunder cast. Not a retard in the bunch.

If you really wanna see a movie get protested, wait until they release the film from the fake trailer featuring Robert Downey, Jr. (as Kirk Lazarus) and Tobey Maguire (as himself)…

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  1. movie junkie, 9 years ago Reply

    Ben Stiller would interpret the offenses of any special interest group as a compliment

  2. heroin junkie, 9 years ago Reply

    Rated R is just retard jumbled up.

  3. Norm Schrager, 9 years ago Reply

    To both “junkies” –

    I’m not big on Ben Stiller, but don’t think I agree with your first comment.

    Second, that’s a pretty good anagram. Nice job!

    -Norm S. (Meet In the Lobby)

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