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Before our Episode 4 review, here’s a recap of “Dramedy,” the third episode from Season 7:

As Vince (Adrian Grenier) continues his daredevil-may-care ways, he finds a growing friendship with Scott (Scott Caan). They auction together, they party together, they share girls together. Meanwhile, E (Kevin Connolly) chooses just to chill with Sloan (she’s back) — but is slowly seething from afar.

In a plot development that may be the smartest in the show’s seven years, Drama (Kevin Dillon) finally finds a script. And it’s a comedy. Drama insists he’s not funny, but the rest of the world seems to be laughing at him, specifically at the exact male bravado Dillon brings to the character. Dillon furrows his brow, says something semi-serious and we laugh. Now, Drama does the same. It’s a great self-conscious wink at the audience, with a great appearance by Jeff Garlin as Drama’s gay screenwriter, coming out of retirement since his immense 1990s success.

Ari (Jeremy Piven) is still in the doghouse, but homewrecker Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) threatens to quit the agency. And Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) is still in financial trouble (I knew it!), but has a strange proposition from the young woman that recently worked for him.

Episode 3 has one of the best final lines: “That’s not my hat, is it Bro?”

Movie faces / names: Screenwriter Randall Wallace, Oscar-nominated for Braveheart, just directed the upcoming Secretariat. Wallace mentions David Benioff, author of The 25th Hour and screenwriter of The Kite Runner and Jim Sheridan’s Brothers.

Movie poster alert: An all-new Gatsby beauty in E’s office. Another one to ogle. Interested? Check out our post on Entourage’s fake movie posters.

:: Episode 4 Review: “Tequila Sunrise”

:: Viva La Turtle
Dania Ramirez and Jerry Ferrara in EntourageThe Entourage creators go international for the first time this season. Alex (Dania Ramirez) convinces Turtle to take a mysterious trip down to Mexico, where she connects the young wanna-be entrepreneur with a wealthy guy (Medium’s Miguel Sandoval) who would love to promote his family-owned premium tequila. There’s only one catch. A catch Turtle will have to deal with while figuring out his potential romantic future (or immense lack thereof) with Alex. This plotline could get juicy, or stick simple and flat. We’ll probably need one more episode to find out.

:: Ping-Pong Ding-Dongs
Johnny finally has his next shot at a show, but he needs to get one more person on board: John Stamos, a guy the studio would love to play Drama’s better-looking brother. Stamos is great as the ego-bulked version of himself, challenging Drama to a table tennis match at the house — a challenge with some potentially tough consequences for Johnny. But, hey, when the result is two nutjobs playing a ping-pong match in complementary sweatsuits, at least the viewers win. By the way, Stamos has a guy named Squanto. I don’t know what it means either.

:: Lovin’ Lavin
Scott Caan in EntourageThe static continues between E and Scott Lavin, especially when Lavin’s Airwalker script (coming from his encounter with Randall Wallace) turns out to be an absolute winner, with Vince in the driver’s seat. The boys may share Vince as a client, but can they bear to share him as a friend? Scott Caan chucks in a couple laughs with some little improv touches as Entourage creator/writer Doug Ellin effectively sets up Lavin to be the Eric replacement — he’s a looser single version of the guy the Queens boys used to be.

:: Football Free-For-All
Ari breaks his butt to woo a conference room full of incredibly wealthy guys, with the hopes that they’ll pony up big checks to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. With Ari at the helm. The dialogue is a little overly simple considering the content, but Piven is good (of course) at selling his own style of exuberant overconfidence.

While Ari has football on the brain, Lizzie’s departure drives him batty. Made worse by a call from Andrew (Gary Cole is back), connecting from rehab, with a fantastic cameo by an actor who shall remain nameless here. One of the series’ best-ever appearances.

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