Sacha Baron Cohen Set For “Bruno” Movie

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Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

It’s official: Sacha Baron Cohen is bringing Bruno, the last of his TV triumvirate, to the big screen for a 2008 release. Variety confirms Bruno, based on Cohen’s shallow, amazingly gay fashion reporter from his “Ali G” TV series.

If you haven’t seen the Bruno character before, you’ll recognize the tactics — Cohen asks uncomfortable questions at an Alabama football game or a frighteningly masculine gun show — but you might not recognize Cohen as you know him from Borat. (Bruno looks more like Jean Girard from Talladega Nights.)

With Bruno, Cohen will have created big screen adaptations for all three of his TV characters — he’s turning into the biggest TV source for movies since Saturday Night Live. First was Ali G Indahouse (2002), barely seen in the US compared to his second, Borat (2006), a huge hit both culturally and financially.

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The Dinner Game Movie Poster“DINNER” AFTER BRUNO?
Cohen is also connected to an equally funny film idea, Dinner with Schmucks, a remake of the French comedy The Dinner Game (Le Diner de cons). The original, written and directed by Francis Veber, is about a group of friends challenged with bringing the dumbest person they can find to a weekly dinner date. (Recommended DVD watching. Silly and dippy, in the best French sense.)

Right now, Jay Roach (Meet the Parents, the Austin Powers movies) is attached to direct, but that is not firm. According to Variety, Cohen will play a character so unbelievably pathetic he can ruin the life of nearly any person he meets. Bring on the disaster!

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  1. Elijah Scott, 10 years ago Reply

    Borat makes me laugh and laugh.

  2. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    - Elijah Scott-

    Yeah, same here. I enjoy Bruno, but Borat is better for the big laughs.

    Plus, while Bruno plays on homophobia, Borat makes fun of xenophobia, and I think that might be tougher.


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