Saturday Update: Independent Film Festival Boston 2013

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If you’ve read my list of the 12 “movies to watch” at this year’s 11th Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFB), you may have already made your choices and are ready to hit the festival. But if you’re still considering your Saturday choices, here’s a helpful list of further recommendations, as well as those movies already near sellout. Hurry up!

Midday: I suggest Persistence of Vision, the documentary about the most ambitious animated movie n(ever) created (12:00 pm) and the quiet friendship drama This is Martin Bonner (12:15 pm).

Late Afternoon: You didn’t think there were still tickets available for Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, did you? All gone. So I recommend two features that are on very different screen sizes: Over at the Brattle Theatre, the bio-doc Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia (3:30 pm); and on the smallest of the five rooms at the Somerville Theatre, Good Ol’ Freda, the story of the infamous head of The Beatles music fan club. (3 pm)

Early Evening: The latest Noah Baumbach-Greta Gerwig collaboration, Frances Ha, has rush tickets available only, for the 7 pm screening. Head to the Brattle (or stay there) for local indie filmmaker Andrew Bujalski’s 1980-set Computer Chess (6:15 pm), or go off the board at the Somerville for Jane Gilooly’s Suitcase of Love and Shame (6:45 pm), a near-experimental documentary about hours of discovered tapes that unearth a long-simmering affair.

Late Evening: Speaking of collaboration, prepare for the intensity of a Thomas Vinterberg-Mads Mikkelsen effort, The Hunt (9:45 pm), about an innocent man’s expulsion from his local society for an act he didn’t commit. (Mikkelson won the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor award for this one.) And if you want to go past midnight, check out the compilation horror of V/H/S 2, directed by indie horror boys Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard and others, at the Brattle at 11:30 pm.

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