Shooting Begins for OBSERVE AND REPORT

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Seth Rogen PhotoWarner Brothers reports production is underway for Seth Rogen’s next comedy — and no, it’s not a Judd Apatow project. In Observe and Report, Rogen stars as a mall security guard with an inflated sense of self-worth… who decides to take on the cops.

As we mentioned, this isn’t an Apatow (or even a Kevin Smith) film. Instead, Observe and Report is directed by Jody Hill, co-writer / director of the martial arts satire The Foot Fist Way. Donald De Line (Fool’s Gold, the upcoming I Love You, Man) is producing. The title refers to a security approach or credo — in fact one security-type guy has even written a book with that name.

Joining Rogen is the great Anna Faris (see our coverage of Faris in Smiley Face) and Ray Liotta. Wouldn’t it be great if Liotta riffed on his cop character from Narc?

Anyway, you know what this all means?! Battling mall security guard comedies! Last month, Kevin James was shooting Paul Blart: Mall Cop in Massachusetts (yo, wha’s up Burlington Mall!). In that one, the plump one has to stop a gang of criminals from wreaking mall havoc. I’m guessing some craziness will ensue at the food court. I’m just guessing.

See the fake shredder video promotion for Paul Blart.

See our coverage of Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express.

If you’re part of the Albuquerque production of Observe and Report, let us know! We’ve already heard from extras in Mike Myers’ The Love Guru and HBO’s Recount, so join in.

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  1. Robert, 9 years ago Reply

    If this movie is half as funny as the events told in the book “Observe and Report”, it’ll be a blockbuster hit when it comes out.
    I still chuckle when I think of the true life stories that actual security officers describe in vivid detail to the author.
    If you haven’t read the book yet, do so. Even if you know nothing about security you’ll enjoy it.
    I really hope that Jody Hill’s version is just as funny. I wish the whole cast and crew luck because the bar has been set high by the book.

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