Shooting Begins on Disney’s JOHN CARTER OF MARS

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John Carter of Mars Book CoverWalt Disney Pictures sent us word that John Carter of Mars, the studio’s big live action/animation, sci-fi/adventure hybrid, has started production in London this past week. Based on a portion of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom Series, John Carter follows the adventures of the title character, a Civil War veteran seeing more action on the Red Planet.

The press release from Disney mentions “warrior tribes” and “exotic desert beings”. Sound a little Avatar? Colin Wilson, co-exec producer of that massive hit, is also producing here, working with WALL-E director Andrew Stanton (in his live-action debut) and Oscar-winning production designer Nathan Crowley (The Dark Knight).

Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch stars in the title role. Screenplay credits are still up in the air: Disney tentatively lists Stanton and Ratatouille story supervisor Mark Andrews; other sources give Kavalier and Clay author Michael Chabon a credit as well. Regardless of who wrote what, we assume the participants have updated Mr. Burroughs’ ideas about Mars from the 1910s…

There’s no announced release date for John Carter of Mars, but it looks like it will hit theaters in 2012. And I’d guarantee 3D and IMAX are part of the mix.

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