Small Legal Win for CRUDE Director Joe Berlinger

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Crude Documentary DVD Packaging
We’ve long been admirers of documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger, the guy behind exciting work like Paradise Lost, the exceptional Metallica: Some Kind of Monster and the TV series Iconoclasts. Now we, and the rest of the movie and journalism world, are rooting for Berlinger as Chevron puts the pinch on him, demanding he turn over outtakes from his 2009 film Crude, which tells the story of thousands of Ecuadorans suing Chevron for allegedly tainting their land and poisoning their people. You think British Petroleum’s disgusting vomit of oil in the Gulf of Mexico is horrible? Watch Crude. (Click on the DVD image for details.)

On Tuesday, Berlinger scored a small victory when a court stated he did not have to surrender roughly 600 hours of unused footage shot during the production of Crude. Chevron reps believe the film includes proof of misconduct or fraud committed by the plaintiffs’ legal team. By the way, in the documentary, that legal team is pretty much just one guy. Chevron, another wonderful oil company that’s a bastion of honesty, good will, and respect for human life in our opinion, denies messing up Ecuador. Obviously.

Source: Variety

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