Soderbergh’s Next? A Musical. In 3D. Seriously.

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All that time chronicling the life of Che Guevara has clearly affected the mind of Mr. Steven Soderbergh. Well, sort of. It was announced today that Soderbergh’s next film will be a live-action 3D musical version of Cleopatra, called Cleo.

Director Steven Soderbergh on the set of CheBut this doesn’t sound so nuts as you hear more. For the lead roles, Soderbergh is looking to Catherine Zeta-Jones (okay, Chicago, yuck) and Hugh Jackman (played Peter Allen on Broadway, tee hee). He’s also looking for roughly $30 million, and will be shopping the film around for the next couple weeks.

And finally, the piece de resistance, especially for you indie rock fans: The music is written by beloved smart-rock indie heroes, Guided By Voices. Aside from Soderbergh’s near constantly interesting choices, that alone will keep me interested.

Oh, don’t forget Soderbergh’s Liberace project, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. Anybody wanna help Steven choose a title for that one? I’m just asking.

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