Speedy New Clip from THE MECHANIC

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Man, is Tony Goldwyn screwed. No, not because of some upcoming directing gig. Because Jason Statham is after him — and behind the wheel. Or two sets of wheels, as is the case with this latest scene from The Mechanic (thanks Yahoo!), the upcoming loose remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson film. And we’ve all seen what can happen when Jason Statham gets behind the wheel. Isn’t this guy sick of car camera setups yet?

Looks action-y, sure, but that style of editing is a little suspect. Not much respect to visual continuity, so it’s like cheating (Ridley Soctt turned this into an art form). The best action scenes let you stick with them visually, not force you to jump around and catch on along the way. But this one’s got Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland, so we may have something. Stick around. And check out The Mechanic movie poster (with hidden QR code) if you like.

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