Sundance 2011 Movies To Watch. Without the Chill or the Swill.

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The 2011 Sundance Film Festival is roaring away, but you don’t have to manage the crowd crush, the wait-list lines and the boozy parties to join in the fun. (Not that you could find a room around Park City now, anyway). Once again, the festival is offering a small roster of films on many video-on-demand services, ready for indie movie fans to enjoy about the same time others are watching at Sundance. In fact, the friendly folks at Sundance gave us a peek at four of these, which we’ll review over at AMC, and preview right here.

To catch any of these via your video-on-demand service, look for the movie category Sundance Selects or Sundance Film Festival.


Thomas Dekker in Gregg Araki's Kaboom
The latest from bad-boy director Gregg Araki, a campy tale of a sex-crazed college freshman who may be caught up in an end-of-days conspiracy. It’s wacky, midnight-movie fun; probably a riot with the right crowd, but I’m sure it’ll be lively even in your living room. By the way, this is Araki’s ninth film at Sundance (that’s gotta be some kind of record). Here’s my review for AMC
Video-on-demand release begins tonight, January 21

Uncle Kent
Joe Swanberg, one of our favorite low-key, low-budget filmmakers (or videomaker, if you wish) presents the sort-of true-life escapades (or lack thereof) of Kent Osborne, a single, 40-year-old animator. Swanberg’s camera follows Kent for the better part of a week, as he tries to figure out his connection to Kate, a new friend he just recently met via Chat Roulette. Good laughs, chill mood, and a very interesting threesome scene. Whoops, didn’t mean to give that away.
Video-on-demand release begins tonight, January 21

Mad Bastards
With deference to Australia’s Indigenous society, Brendan Fletcher tells of three generations of men, with a dad crossing the country to make things right with his 13-year-old son. From the festival: “poetically fuses the harsh realities of violence, healing and family.” Mad Bastards will be featured at the festival as part of the World Cinema Dramatic Competition.
Video-on-demand release begins Monday, January 24

This is Michael Tully’s “hero tale gone wrong,” about a guy who returns to his family farm nearly two decades after disappearing without a peep. His two brothers have barely moved from the property, he drinks the days away, and is visited by past demons (like, um, literally). Playing at Sundance as part of the Midnight program, if that tells you anything. G’head, go crazy.
Video-on-demand release begins Sunday, January 23

These Amazing Shadows
If you love film and film history, you’ll love this, a documentary on the National Film Registry. Directed by Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton, it chronicles the Registry’s films, filmmakers, and the cultural impact the medium carries. Includes interviews with everyone from John Waters to John Lasseter.
Video-on-demand release begins Saturday, January 22

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