Tarantino Lovefest with Cannes Continues

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Inglourious Basterds Wallpaper

Quentin Tarantino’s passion for the Cannes Film Festival — and vice versa — continues with yesterday’s news that his Inglourious Basterds has been invited into the 2009 fest. Basterds is Tarantino’s tale of some ass-kicking WWII Jewish-American soldiers who run ragged over the Nazis. (Okay, they scalp ‘em.) The cast runs the entertainment gamut, from Brad Pitt to Cloris Leachman to Mike Myers to B.J. Novak to Maggie Cheung. 

Tarantino’s had a smashing relationship with Cannes since 1992, when Reservoir Dogs (still an exceptionally fun experience) screened out of competition. Two years later, the fantastic Pulp Fiction won the Palme d’Or.

Quentin Tarantino and Pedro AlmodovarIn 2004, Tarantino became the King of Cannes as Jury president (there he is in ’04, with the great Pedro Almodovar). I remember seeing him dork out at the festival awards ceremony screaming “Vive la cinema!” He may be eccentric, but his passion his admirable, and his films almost always deliver. That same year, Tarantino showed the entire, 3-hour cut of Kill Bill on the festival’s final night.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is May 13-24.
Inglourious Basterds opens August 21.

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  1. Wes, 8 years ago Reply

    From what I’ve seen so far, this film will probably top most “must see” lists at the festival. (when do we get the 3 hr Kill Bill cut?

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