“Tell Me You Love Me” Update: Episode 9

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UPDATE: See our most recent Tell Me You Love Me post

No sex. That’s right, none. Not even a naked butt or a tongue kiss. That’s the deal for episode #9 on HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me. Great for those who don’t wanna watch Jane Alexander (May) and David Selby (Arthur) go at it.  Not so great for Lobby readers who keep asking about seeing Michelle Borth (Jamie) and Ian Somerhalder (Nick) sans clothes. So there’s finally no sex. Now I get it.

All that gratuitous hot hot heat really was as shallow as it seemed. It all just covered up — or caused — bigger problems. Now that the sex has simmered, the show is really exposing character flaws and the wounds are wide open. The relationships are getting cold, and so is the intimacy. Thanks Cynthia Mort, now I get it.

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Ian Somerhalder and Michelle Borth in Tell Me You Love Me:: Nick (Somerhalder) and Jamie (Borth)
Speaking of those two lovebirds… Jamie admits she doesn’t love Nick. And that she’s just realizing how to like herself. After a good bitch session with May, she realizes some Jamie time is necessary. So she heads home, tells Nick they’re probably ‘moving too fast,’ and has to deal with the fact that he may be “the one”.

Sonya Walger and Adam Scott in Tell Me You Love Me:: Carolyn (Sonya Walger) and Palek (Adam Scott)
Palek simply can’t get his shit together regarding Carolyn’s pregnancy. While waiting to figure it out, the nervous nelly has a sit-in-the-gutter anxiety attack. And here’s the big finish: While attending a session with May, Palek tells Carolyn he thinks they should split up. He just can’t deal.

Sherry Stringfield and Ally Walker in Tell Me You Love Me
:: Dave (Tim DeKay) and Katie (Ally Walker)
Katie learns that sister Rita (Sherry Stringfield) is leaving her husband. The idea seems so foreign and liberating to Katie that she shocks Dave by selfishly taking a day-and-a-half to do her own thing. She gets a little makeup counter attention, applies for a job and oversleeps. And the thought of another baby still looms…

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The director for episode #9 is Melanie Mayron — if the name sounds familiar, she’s better known as an actress, most notably playing Melissa Steadman in 80+ episodes of “Thirtysomething.” As we mentioned before, her most visible directorial effort is the 1995 teen comedy The Baby-Sitters Club.

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  1. dm, 10 years ago Reply

    Please keep Nick on the show!!

  2. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    - dm –

    Who said Nick’s going away? I know there’s just one episode left this season, but I think his presence is an important compass for Jamie’s well-being. Plus, she really digs him.

    We’ll try to get some feedback from the show after Season One, now that we know there will be Season Two. Thanks for coming by!

    -Norm S.

  3. Ryan, 10 years ago Reply

    Does anybody know what the outro song was?

  4. Sarah, 10 years ago Reply

    Who cares about Nick? His character is so boyish and wimpy compared to Hugo’s sexy manliness.

    Nick needs to go. #1 reason why? Nick’s soooo boring. The way he talks- always monotone. And he never smiles. And his butt is bony, his legs like a starved chicken’s.

    Hugo come back.

  5. Barb, 10 years ago Reply

    Outro song… Dreamsome by Shelby Lynn… it was in Bridget Jones’ Diary as well….

  6. Lori, 10 years ago Reply

    I am hooked on this show. It is truly one of the most honest shows on television right now. I have been married for 3 years and am pregnant with my first child and Dave and Katie’s situation is my worst nightmare!!! I dont’ know what I would do if I lost sex with my husband.
    I have a question. Does anyone know when the new season will start next year??

  7. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    - Lori –

    There doesn’t seem to be available information right now for Season 2 (and I’m sure the current writers’ strike doesn’t help matters). In early October news reports, HBO offered no details regarding when the next season would air, or even begin shooting.

    – Sarah -

    You’ve definitely provided the site’s most interesting character analysis: “butt is bony, legs like a starved chicken.”
    So you’re saying you don’t like that he’s thin, right?

    – Norm S.

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