“Tell Me You Love Me” Update: Through Episode 8

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Luke Farrell Kirby and Michelle Borth in Tell Me You Love Me

UPDATE: See our most recent Tell Me You Love Me post

If you catch Tell Me You Love Me via HBO On Demand, we’re now through Episode 8: The sex continues, the therapy rolls on, and the series quality keeps improving. I would’ve never guessed it after those first two disappointing shows.

The Lobby continues getting inquiries about whether the show’s sex is real. Guh, does it really matter? Look, we know this much: When Nick (Ian Somerhalder) has a multi-position session with Jamie (Michelle Borth) in episode 8, they’re pretty naked, and they’re being very sexual. But it’s a sex scene, everybody. So yeah, elements of it are real. And, of course, not real.  

As director Patricia Rozema said in an interview (thanks to Lobby reader Boyce): “… it’s not real, it’s simulated. At one point, one of the producers was floating this idea in the [trade papers] that it would be real sex … I immediately said, “Well, find another director, I don’t want to do that.”

Ian Somerhalder as Nick in Tell Me You Love Me:: Nick (Somerhalder) and Jamie (Borth)
After Jamie gives Hugo (Luke Farrell Kirby) a controlling pity screw — and then admits infidelity — she and Nick try living together. But the sex isn’t perfect and the arguments are petty. So, hey, if I ever fix your broken toilet, I expect a ‘thank you’.

:: Carolyn (Sonya Walger) and Palek (Adam Scott)
He doesn’t want a kid. And she’s finally pregnant, beyond hope and expectation. Whoops. Amidst his confused cries of “I thought we were done,” Palek visits Dr. May by himself to sort out a heap of daddy issues, relating to his own father and himself.  

Ally Walker as Katie in Tell Me You Love Me:: Dave (Tim DeKay) and Katie (Ally Walker)
These guys are just too likable to not root for. They’re not having sex, but May urges them to discuss sexual details — positions, orgasms — at a therapy session. And while Katie continues to figure out her own sexuality, her daughter begins asking about masturbation. In her increasingly twisted way, she tells Dave “I’m surrounded by masturbators!” Walker is the shining star of this series… and she looks great for 46.

:: May (Jane Alexander) and Arthur (David Selby)
May leaves the old boyfriend guy (Ronny Cox) for good. At dinner, she and Arthur briefly discuss their status as a childless couple and May shows a weakness: She admits that she never wanted to have to share her husband. (Slightly creepy.)

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Some extra notes:
 — Trivia:  In episode 8, preteen Isabella (Aislinn Paul) watches Swimfan, a movie that also went by the title — you guessed it — Tell Me You Love Me.

 — What’s with the TiVO obsession on the show? Dave absolutely loves his and Palek is playing with it in episode 8. Come to think of it, there’s an entire Curb Your Enthusiasm episode with a TiVO set in the plot. HBO, what’s up?

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  1. name, 10 years ago Reply

    let’s see an episode where katie embraces masturbation for herself, instead of continuing to either whine about her sexless life or her husband who has at least taken matters into her own hand.

  2. Norm Schrager, 10 years ago Reply

    I think Katie is a long ways away from embracing masturbation. But it’s a good thought. And I like your joke, intended or not — “taken matters into her own hand”.

    Thanks for joining us.

    -Norm S.

  3. madison, 8 years ago Reply

    Is this the episode where nick&jamie have sex?

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