Ten Years in Hawaii from A PERFECT GETAWAY

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A Perfect Getaway Movie PosterI’m not sure if you’ll ever actually want to go to Hawaii after seeing David Twohy’s thriller A Perfect Getaway, but Rogue, the movie’s distributor is giving you a chance anyway. In a promotion that rivals the Hancock mortgage payment contest, Rogue and Movietickets.com are offering an annual free trip to the 50th state. For ten years.

Here’s the deal: If you’re planning to see A Perfect Getaway, all you have to do is buy your tix on Movietickets.com, from now until just before midnight on Sunday night. You’ll automatically be entered to win a Hawaiian trip for four each year for a whole freakin’ decade. You gotta be 18. Which will eliminate some of Rogue’s horror-heavy audience, but oh well. (Oh just in case you don’t want the trip, the alternate prize is $100,000. You know, just in case.)

If you enter, good luck. And if you win, for Chrissakes, don’t go off the beaten path in Hawaii and run into some psychotic couples’ killers. You know, just in case.

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