That’s Independence! JOHN ADAMS July 4th Marathon

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Paul Giamatti as John AdamsFew holidays are as sadly compromised on television as the Fourth of July, with moronic car dealers urging you to “demand your independence from high prices.” So HBO has programming for some serious patriots: An entire day of the recent miniseries John Adams. (See our original John Adams preview.)

That’s every episode. 9 hours, 15 minutes of some hardnosed American Revolutionary goodness. Let’s see McCain and Obama summarize that much patriotism on a freaking lapel pin.

Anyway, here’s the schedule, which should probably include a list of American cities expecting rain for the entire day … at least that would be one excuse to stay glued to Paul Giamatti’s magnetic, slightly overdone performance.

Friday, July 4 on HBO 

1:00pm: Part 1 — Join or Die

2:15pm: Part 2 — Independence

3:45pm: Part 3 — Don’t Tread On Me

5:00pm: Part 4 — Reunion

6:15pm: Part 5 — Unite or Die

7:30pm: Part 6 — Unnecessary War

9:00pm: Part 7 — Peacefield

As a former television programmer, I can tell you this is a brilliant piece of scheduling. If you happen to sit through the entire day (and night) — or you plan to — let us know!

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