The Best Eats of EAT PRAY LOVE

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When you’re shooting a film in Italy, you better eat. And eat well. Especially if you’re making a movie about the joys of eating. To promote the current Julia Roberts feature Eat Pray Love, Columbia Pictures decided to hit us in the most universal way: By appealing to our taste buds. So they’ve revealed the restaurants that cast and crew enjoyed ingesting and imbibing in while rolling in Italy. And we wanna go. Like now.

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love

L’Orso 80
Not just a favorite of the cast and crew, this locale near Piazza Navona is actually featured in the movie. But there’s a bit of inaccuracy involved in the shoot: While the extras are decked out rooting for Rome’s footballers, they wouldn’t do too well in the real world. L’Orso owners are supporters of the Lazio club.

Caffe Della Pace
Another shooting location (below), this favorite of artists and writers is on a spot that’s been home to a restaurant since the 18th century. Nail a coveted place on the terrace, and you may be inspired enough to create the next great novel. Or painting. Or comic book.

Caffe Della Pace in Italy

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
Simple is better. That’s been the beauty of this Naples pizza mainstay for the last 77 years, and it has locals lining up around the block. Da Michele has two secrets to its success: 1) An 800-degree oven, which can bake a pizza in around 30 seconds (that allows the pizzeria to crank out about 180 pizzas an hour.) 2) A recipe that can’t be beat: dough, marinara sauce, mozzarella (optional), olive oil and a little basil. I’ll go line up now.

Keeping an eye on all the food was Eat Pray Love‘s food stylist, Susan Spungen (yes, she was also the stylist for Julie and Julia). She cooked and prepped all the film’s food (except the Napoli pizzas, of course), preparing about 20 turkeys for the Thanksgiving scene.

We end this quick travelogue with thisĀ  savory-looking photo of what appears to be spaghetti with a light marinara, garlic and basil. We’re not sure why this was included with the press release. We also don’t care.

Spaghetti Marinara from Eat Pray Love

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    Didn’t you hear the waiter said it’s spaghetti bolognaise? Is this odd, because they don’t serve bolognaise paired with spaghetti.

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