The Creepy, Eclectic Movie Posters of ROOM 237

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Some documentaries celebrate the art of film. Others spotlight the filmmakers themselves, or devoted film fans. But the documentary Room 237 goes far beyond sharing a passion or dedication for the movies — it’s a reckless, runaway train of obsessed movie minds on a one-way trip to Looneyville. Their focus of obsession is Stanley Kubrick’s infamous horror adaptation The Shining, and their analyses of the film, explicitly detailed in Rodney Ascher’s documentary, are steeped in highly creative conspiracy theory. Like you wouldn’t believe. With Room 237 opening in eight more U.S. cities this weekend, we’ve got a series of Room 237 movie posters, as enigmatic and strange as the movie itself. (With thanks to the IMP Awards.)

Room 237 Movie Poster
A personal favorite, not just for the uncomfortable patterned symmetry, but because of the goofy, fake moon-landing theory attached to this image in the film.


Room 237 Calumet Movie Poster
This one includes a few iconic Shining images, and is a direct reference to the Room 237 theorist who believes The Shining is a commentary about the oppression of the Native American Indian. Uh huh.


Room 237 Brain Movie Poster
More playful than the other posters, but with a fairly accurate representation of how your brain might feel on Room 237. Or perhaps it signifies the spaghetti and spinach minds of the film’s “theorists.”


Room 237 Keyhole Movie Poster
A spooky, inviting reference to the original Shining poster

Check out my full review of Room 237 for Paste Magazine, and see the official Room 237 website, with upcoming screenings.

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