The MITL Mother-in-Law Film Review: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

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Let me begin by saying I am a television Star Trek fan from the 1960s. Every Friday night, I stopped whatever I was doing to watch my favorite characters “go where no man had gone before.” Star Trek Into Darkness Movie PosterThe first Friday of my honeymoon, my husband and I had room service so we wouldn’t miss an episode. Taping programs was not at hand yet. Not all stories were favorites, but my motto was “A bad Star Trek episode is better than no Star Trek at all.” (Click on the movie poster for a closer look.)

I loved the development of each character’s story. I felt as if Jim Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy (Bones to his friends), Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and the rest were my friends. I felt for them when disaster struck; I cheered when things went well. Their friendship and loyalty to one another was something to be modeled.

Star Trek Into Darkness continues these relationships, picking up where 2009’s Star Trek movie left off. The banter between characters and the intonations in their voices allowed me to close my eyes and envision my original television friends. It was like visiting long lost relatives.

I didn’t keep my eyes closed for long though as Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are just too adorable and sexy to miss. They both made my 66-year-old heart go pitter-patter, reminding me that even though my age classifies me as a senior at the ticket window, my mind still entertains sexy thoughts.

The film’s sound effects are loud but I got used to them. The physical fight scenes are too long and very brutal. I think my senior status makes me wince as fists beat upon human flesh and weapons bash into skulls, but my younger moviegoing counterparts didn’t seem to mind. Perhaps this is an example of the desensitizing of our youth.

The title of the movie lets you know evil things are going to happen. When Kirk’s evil nemesis is on hand, true Star Trek followers just say ‘Ah, so that’s how they met’ and again longtime fans are delighted.

Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine in Star Trek Into Darkness

One scene, reminiscent of the September 11 attacks, was hard to watch. I felt uneasy and anxious as a large warship is deliberately steered toward Federation buildings. The tragedy and hopelessness from that September day is brought to the surface as this unfolds. In the few minutes it took for the scene to play out, the fictitious enemy of my Star Trek friends became a real-time enemy of mine. Another way the horrible events of 9/11 have molded and changed our society.

Did I love Star Trek Into Darkness? You bet I did. I already have plans to see it again, and this time go to the 3D version. I’ve also made a mental note to buy a copy when it is available.

In the editor’s note from my previous review, it was mentioned that I’ll check my watch during a movie I lose interest in. This is absolutely true. As I exited the theater after Star Trek Into Darkness, my first comment to a friend was “Hey, I didn’t check my watch once!” And I made sure to visit the restroom prior to the 133-minute film. (And I knew the garlic salt topping from the bread at dinner would keep me seated…)

The movie theater was a stadium-style location with comfy, plush high seats, and plenty of room for my purse and cane. Theater attendants even brought concession items into the theater so we could purchase snacks and keep the seats we’d so painstakingly scoped out.

I’m hoping there will be another Star Trek movie in the next few years—I’m already excited at the thought. For my fellow senior readers, I’d even stand on a line to buy tickets even though we have all sorts of gadgets on which to purchase them. In a few weeks, I will have total knee replacement giving me back the ability to stand for longer periods of time anyway. If Star Trek 2016 beckons, I will answer.

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