The Most Anticipated Indie Movie of Fall 2013 — And a Fall Top Ten

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This week, I had the pleasure of writing a Fall 2013 movie guide for, a list of 10 films that make up a well-balanced indie movie diet for one season. We included quiet family drama, gross-out comedy, and risque subject matter, of course. Among the list is my personal choice for the most anticipated independent film of the fall, the most unlikely of releases: A black-and-white American nightmare called Escape from Tomorrow, a renegade of a movie from writer-director Randy Moore, shot throughout Disney World with absolutely no production permissions sought or granted. If you follow indie film, you’ve probably been tracking the buzz on Escape from Tomorrow since it screened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year. It appears to be one of the most original, and certainly daring, movies of 2013.

Over on our Facebook page, Scott posted this week’s Slate piece on Escape from Tomorrow, announcing the film’s recent trailer. A trailer that inspires even more curiosity for this surreal tale. If that’s possible.

Freaky, yeah? And the title is perfect, sounding like a Disney film in itself (Escape to Witch Mountain meets Tomorrowland?) As Disney is both incredibly revered and reviled in American pop culture (I sit in the former camp), just the creation of Escape from Tomorrow is its own social commentary about the brand, with some of the latest promotion really toying with the idea. Just check out this movie poster.

Escape from Tomorrow Movie Poster

In general, lawsuits suck. But you have to appreciate that none (as of yet) has popped up from the Mouse House. Any chance a project like this actually lands Disney some positive publicity?

You can run away to Escape from Tomorrow in U.S. theaters starting October 11, just about nine months after the film’s Sundance premiere. And if you’d like, check out my Sundance Channel Fall 2013 Indie Film Guide.

Anything on your must-see list?

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    Let’s give credit to Independent film makers who make all the efforts despite the tight budget. What I like most about indie films is the originality and creativity of the movies.

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