The New Voice of Independent Film: Mumblecore

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Justin Rice in Andrew Bujalski’s Mutual Appreciation

If you’ve seen quiet, low-key indie movies like Mutual Appreciation (above) or The Puffy Chair, you’re familiar with Mumblecore. Even if you don’t know what Mumblecore is.

Mumblecore is the name given to this indie upstart genre and its small interconnected group of filmmakers. The title is generally attributed to Eric Masunga, sound mixer on the godfather of all Mumblecore films, Funny Ha Ha. (thanks indieWIRE)

In my opinion, it’s most clearly defined by its style of dialogue. Laid back. Sincere. Lots of, um, pauses that are sort of like real conversation, but well, you know, not really. It’s reminiscent of John Cassavetes films, where the character chatter feels real, but isn’t.

The movement is not only a mainstay at indie film fests — it’s now popular enough to have its own showcase. Now through September 4, New York’s IFC Center is hosting “The New Talkies: Generation DIY” featuring mumblecore faves you just gotta know about.

Funny Ha Ha, 2002, Andrew Bujalski
(I could watch this one over and over)
Quiet City, 2007, Aaron Katz
Mutual Appreciation, 2005, Bujalski
The Puffy Chair, 2006, The Duplass Brothers
Hannah Takes the Stairs, 2006, Joe Swanberg (featuring Mark Duplass and Andrew Bujalski in the cast; this one will have Sept. screenings in Boston, Hollywood and Seattle)

Want an insider’s take? Check out commentary and more from Matt Dentler, Producer of the SXSW Festival.

QUESTION: What do you think of the Mumblecore style? Have a favorite film from the genre? TELL US

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