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by Scott David, posted 10.14.09
2 / 5 stars

Next up in the queue is a must for all B-movie lovers: Blood Freak, a little-known film that may have the greatest underground movie plot. EVER.

Blood Freak Movie PosterNarrated by a chain-smoker who can’t seem to remember his lines, Blood Freak is the tale of a bodybuilder named Herschel. While attending a party, he meets a woman who induces him to smoke marijuana, and often. Looking for odd jobs, Herschel finds work as a farmhand where the bosses are creating a new breed of chemically altered turkeys. Soon Herschel is recruited into testing the new birds.

The owners prop him up in front of a whole, cooked turkey and tell him to dig in. After eating almost the entire bird, Herschel passes out (presumably from an overdose of tryptophan). Eventually, he wakes up to find that his head has turned into that of a turkey. To make matters worse, turkey-headed Herschel is in need of a high. Real bad. But the only thing that sates him is the blood of drug addicts.

So turkey-monster Herschel goes on a murder spree, killing unsuspecting heroin users and drinking their blood.

Scene from Blood FreakStarring no one worth mentioning, and featuring a twist ending that any four-year-old can see a mile away, Blood Freak is told through thoroughly inept filmmaking. Out-of-focus camera work, muted dialogue that’s difficult to comprehend, and editing consisting mostly of jump cuts… Blood Freak makes Reefer Madness seem like Citizen Kane. Like old propaganda films, it is quite evident that the filmmakers took themselves quite seriously in their endeavor to keep people off drugs.

Released in 1972, Blood Freak has Mystery Science Theater 3000 written all over it. It hardly deserves one star, but gets two on plot alone. Best for a group audience, “Blood Freak” boggles the mind, and I recommend it for your Halloween party.

Thrill at the papier-mâché turkey head Herschel wears throughout the film. Laugh your butt off at the horrible effects and buckets of blood. A great conversation starter and a necessity for any B-movie fan, Blood Freak is a film that will have you giggling long after its over.

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  1. Brad, 8 years ago Reply

    Last year I shot some interviews for a documentary about some of the people involved in making this movie…

    Blood Freak, itself, is almost beyond description. Watch at your peril!

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