The Secrets Behind HBO’s New Series LUCK

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Movie Poster for the premiere of HBO's LuckTonight, HBO premieres what could be the next great slang-slinging, tough-guy television drama: Luck, based in and around life at the racetrack, complete with dreamers, losers, and messed-up characters of the highest order. The man behind the show is one of the great tough-guy slang slingers in modern Hollywood history, David Milch, known for filling the small screen with F-bomb vitriol with the exceptional HBO series, Deadwood. So how did Milch get inside the brains of the Luck lifers who desperately hang on to the horse game? For starters, he tapped into his own memory.

In an interview with Dave Davies on NPR’s Fresh Air, the gruff-voiced Milch admits he may have spent months, even years, hanging around the track on a full-time basis. In fact, some of the characters in Luck are based on fast-talking fellas addicted to the sport as a 9-to-5, who Milch describes as living in “fleabag motels” and spending their evenings studying The Racing Form. You can listen to the entire David Milch interview NPR interview here.

HBO is also offering plenty of backstage stuff, including on-set videos (Michael Mann directing?!), which you can check out on within the Luck section of To get you started, here’s the official trailer.

Programming note: For those of us who love HBO GO, we’ll be able to see Episode #2 of Luck (the episodes currently don’t have titles) immediately after the first airing of Episode #1. We’ll be there, and we’ll be back with plot previews of upcoming episodes. Let us know what you think of tonight’s show!

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