Universal Announces Release of JAWS on Blu-Ray

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Box art for the Blu-ray / DVD of JawsThe production of a major film was in trouble: Shooting on the water had proven to be tougher than expected. The project was way behind schedule, the budget was spiraling out of control. The press was crying “folly” and the studio was ridden with anxiety. No, it’s not the story of James Cameron’s Titanic — but that film sure as hell fits all the descriptions, doesn’t it? It was Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, the film widely known as the first-ever summer blockbuster. One that, like Titanic some two decades later, would electrify audiences, excite critics and make more money than anyone involved could ever dream of. Now, the thriller that helped create cinema history is coming to Blu-ray, to be released on August 14, 2012. For our money, Jaws is just one of those movies you have to keep watching when it pops up on TV (in a non-commercial presentation, thanks very much).

The folks at Universal took on some film repair and color restoration efforts to get Jaws right for Blu-ray, and created a short video feature to share the details. Scroll past the video and you can check out some before-and-after images Universal sent along to prove the point. Hey, all film restoration is good film restoration — applying the efforts to what is truly an American classic is a worthy endeavor and, in this case, probably a fiscally sound one, as well …

Video Feature

Color Restoration
Jaws: Sample Color Repair Image for Blu-ray

Jaws -- Sample Color Repair for Blu-ray

Frame Repair
Jaws -- Sample Frame Repair Image for Blu-ray

Jaws -- Sample Frame Repair Image for Blu-ray

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  1. Scott Harrigan, 5 years ago Reply

    Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, the merciless shark attacks are even more vivid and nerve wracking. Jaws remains one of the best entertaining movies of all time; it practically invented the summer blockbuster. This certainly deserves a place in a Bluray library. The trailer still draws tension despite its obvious age.


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