They’re Drinking Again: New THE HANGOVER PART II Teaser Trailer

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Our friends at the UK’s Best For Film featured this trailer just this morning, getting the world ready for the return of “The Wolfpack.” It’s the teaser trailer — and we do mean “teaser” — for Todd Phillips’ The Hangover Part II, the follow-up to the biggest-grossing comedy ever. Oh, and there’s a monkey.

I love that the sequel title isn’t a “2”, but is a formal “Part II”, a la, well, The Godfather. (Don’t worry about the title via the YouTube trailer, it’s incorrect. Not everyone is as smart as you guys.)

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  1. Jay, 6 years ago Reply

    I was originally quite worried that they were going back to this well again; the original was just too good, and nothing good generally comes from comedy sequels. After this “teaser,” though, I’m optimistic.

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