New on DVD: Meatballs — Bill Murray’s “Campy” Debut

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Bill Murray in Meatballs Special Edition — Now on DVD

Bill Murray has regularly attempted to stretch his acting range … The Razor’s Edge, Mad Dog and Glory, Meatballs …

Meatballs? Nah! Murray’s first starring role is in this silly, innocent 1979 summer camp comedy. As Tripper Harrison, a 28-year-old Murray is an open invitation to mischief. With rough and raw acting chops, he combines his stupefyingly goofy look with a warm ease in front of the camera.

Meatballs has pedigree behind the camera as well: Ivan Reitman directs and Harold Ramis is a credited writer (ah, Ghostbusters was just five years away…).

If you’re old enough to have seen Meatballs on cable when it practically ran on a loop — or in theaters! — the Special Edition DVD will have you booing Morty and singing that C.I.T. song in no time. Are you ready for the summer?

GEEK NOTE: Rudy is played by Chris Makepeace, who’d star with another newcomer — Matt Dillon — a year later in My Bodyguard.

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