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Every year, beginning before the hideous Golden Globe nominations are tallied, movie studios promote what are called “For Your Consideration” campaigns. These ask (okay, beg) voters to please, please, please honor their film with nominations… which could ultimately lead to attention, an award win, a theatrical re-release, red-hot DVD sales, and eternal cinematic glory. Here are some ads that caught our eye in this bizarre annual horse race.

Jackass 3-D
Scoff if you will, but this third chapter of slob stunts hit at least two 2010 Top Ten lists (one from a true critic, Wesley Morris; the other from a cuckoo critic, Stephen King). Did the gang at Paramount and MTV ever think this one had a shot? Hey, a certain brand of tasteless humor worked for South Park. Here, keep reading.

Jackass 3-D -- For Your Consideration Ad

(Hey, why not Best Documentary Feature?)

Blue Valentine
Many PR campaigns demand that every category be considered. Here, the Weinsteins don’t get greedy, requesting a far more realistic half-dozen nominations, for a film that scored an impressive 81 / 100 out on Metacritic. Blue Valentine and TWC came away with just one nomination, a nod to Michelle Williams. Many feel that Ryan Gosling’s omission is the most egregious oversight of the entire Oscar lineup.

Blue Valentine For Your Consideration Ad

In this particular ad for Christopher Nolan’s brain-twister, Warner Bros. takes the same strategy as TWC above, suggesting just four nominations. They succeeded in nabbing two (Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay), missing Best Director (a ridiculous Oscar mistake, according to us) and Best Actor. But all hail the rising tide, the film has received another six Oscar nominations. Aside: For the Golden Globe campaign, Warner asked voters to consider all six Inception supporting actors and both supporting actresses. Good one, guys.

Inception For Your Consideration Ad

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